Friday, March 12, 2010

edelweiss covers

well I have mono.

incapable of getting much done.
ive spent about 3 weeks of doing nothing... resting... so thats good that I was capable of taking the time i needed when i actually really needed to be sleeping.... though at the time everyone would probably have accused me just of being lazy.

my lymph nodes are huge.
so big they are blocking almost completely my breathing way and swallowing hole.
its crazy.

right now my brain is on spring break in Portland.
and i can't budge it.

peter pan collars still.
high waisted simple shorts
white lace, eyelet, frills,

anything that references british occupied india

backless and peekaboo

black shorts,
polka dot romper
tan britches
skirt 1 and skirt 2

go tos:
mississippi ave SE portland
buffalo exchange

TO DO ((when home))
london clothes/supplies
ariels shower/shop for Evy

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