Sunday, July 26, 2009

I've just met an old friend for the first time.

T. H. White's  THE ONCE & FUTURE KING is my new favorite book.

i enjoy many novels and smile at the characters and the language...
but the stories that are my friends... not mere acquaintances seem to be ones that i don't know anyone else has read...

obviously they are classics...
but no one takes the time to read them anymore...
at least not of my friends.

pass the port.

i absolutely love this book and i'm only to the IVth chapter.

my imagination "took flight" while reading it and has grown to weigh 4 kilos more than it did before checking this book out.
i want to drive up to the big cemetary tomorrow morning and spread out a blanket and read.

something about heaven that i love thinking about is that there are friends i do not know yet.

people who wrote some of my favorite books may be there...
people who were in the bible and people from other countries who speak different languages...
people i've never met may be my best friends...

thats sort of how i feel about books that are SO me.

its like this deep connection of magic thread tying our souls together.
as you read you just find so much delight in finding yourself in the pages and knowing you were there before your eyes glimpsed the pages....

i've been here before! my brain exclaims as i pass by the words.

i've grown to understand the things in this book before i ever read it...
and they so much define who i am its as though i'm reading my own adventures.

i love it.

merlyn is my hero.
and archimedes is my best friend.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

tuesday night bible study

made these today for the college group bible study
i'm working on ideas for saturday's & thursdays.... but they aren't as cool as this one yet.

Monday, July 13, 2009


running at the track 2 miles today.
come back & shower.
clean room/fold laundry.
eat lunch.
check music blogs and GET FREEEEE things.
call andrea and hear about alaska.
schedule for school.
read up on nietsche's return theory.
quilt? pillows? scarf/ hankie pillows.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

HAKEN man.

maaaaan alive this guy is a talker.  
JEEZE what is he even talking about...

i'm sitting in this meeting and mike is trying to get this guy to start to condense his words... 
he interupts him like every 2 minutes to try and refocus.

its gettttttting ridiculous.
i'm sooo bored.