Friday, February 19, 2010

in my possessions

1. bag of brown rice
2. 2 pieces of chicken
3. about 15 strawberries
4. whole wheat pita breads
5. 3 walnuts
6. handful of pepperonis
7. a couple slices of provolone
8. a can of pinto beans
9. bottle of Big Dan's bento sauce
10. box of tapioca pudding
11. 12 cuties
12. assorted teas
13. cooked macaroni noodles
14. dried apple rings
15. trader joes salsa
16. 1/3 jar of calamatta olives
17. bag of spinach
18. poppyseed dressing
19. 7 eggs
20. 1 potato

BASICALLY i'm glads i did this because now i realize that i have plenty of food and don't need to go grocery shopping.
i probably could use some sauce for my macaroni noodles which is what i wanted to eat for dinner tonight...
so ill walk to stater bros... but that means no shopping this weekend! :D
blastie blast.

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